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Coach Louie


ith a lifelong commitment to golf, I’ve been an integral part of Dobson Ranch since its inception. Joining the team in 1988 at the age of 34, I brought a wealth of experience, having played for Mesa Community College and earned a spot in the school’s Hall of Fame.

Hailing from Arizona, I’ve been immersed in the golfing world for four decades, dedicating myself to teaching since 1983. As the most recognizable face at Dobson Ranch Golf Course, my philosophy centers around refining rather than revolutionizing. 

With a belief that small changes yield significant results, I guide enthusiasts to perfect their existing swings, understanding that hasty alterations can disrupt one’s game. 

Born and raised in Arizona, my journey in golf has been marked by a passion for the sport and a commitment to helping others achieve their best on the course.

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